Thursday, December 21, 2006

NFL TV analysts on ESPN should be ashamed of themselves

What do the following ESPN NFL Analysts have in common?

Ron Jaworski
Michael Irvin
Merrill Hodge
Mark Schlereth

These are guys with varying talents as NFL analysts on ESPN. What they all have in common is they are partial towards the team they played for in the NFL.

Jaworski: Philadelphia
Irvin: Dallas
Hodge: Pittsburgh
Schlereth: Denver

Whenever one of these analysts is discussing a game involving their former team, they never give a true opinion. Instead, it is always biased tilted towards their team. So what's the point? Why bother even putting them on the air when their team is in the discussion? Since they will not give the viewer any useful insight (since it is all one-sided), it means a worthless and meaningless segment.

ESPN needs to do either of two things:
1. Don't bother to put these guys on TV when their team is in the discussion, just keep them out of view, out of sight and out of earshot.
2. If they want to keep them on-the-air, tell them to be impartial.

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