Sunday, December 17, 2006

The NFL means business

I was looking at next week's NFL matchups and saw a bunch of games during the non-traditional time slots of Sunday 1pm/4pm. Here they are:

Thursday: MIN at GB
Saturday: KC at OAK
Sunday: 8 games at 1pm, 3 games at 4pm, no Sunday Night game
Monday: 5pm: PHI at DAL, 8:30PM NYJ at MIA

Sunday night is Christmas Eve and Monday is Christmas Day. It's a day off for just about everybody in the U.S. and showing two games means good business.

I'm glad they are putting games in independent slots this year. There seems to be more Saturday games, more Thursday games, and twice there are Monday Night doubleheaders (the first week of the year was a MNF double header). This means the fan gets the chance of seeing more games all the way through. Even if one has DirecTV and can watch many games, there may be more than one game that they want to see and flipping the stations doesn't allow one to absorb everything. Watching tapes or replays of games isn't great either because the excitement is now gone.

Good for the NFL. I'm hoping they strike down the rule that they can't play on Friday nights. I believe there is some agreement (or maybe even a law) where the NFL cannot telecast games on Friday nights due to the High School football games usually being played during that time. To me, that's a ton of baloney, so I do hope that changes. I'd love to see one game every week on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday night. And play more games on Saturday once the College football conference championships are over. It's good business for the NFL, it's good for the fans, it's good for bettors, it's good for sportsbooks. It's only bad for the wives and girlfriends.

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