Saturday, February 18, 2006

SNG #6

Feb 18 2006
$20 + $2
No Limit Sit-N-Go

Place: 1 out of 10
Got into an all-in with 99 against AQ and won the hand to go up to T4000 (everyone starts with T1500). From there, it seemed very easy to bully my big stack around and pick up a ton of blinds with small raises (minimum bets or pot-sized bets). I just kept peppering them when in position to do so (and no others in the pot), and when I felt resistance by seeing a re-raise, I had no problems letting he hand go. But all in all, it seemed these little raises are well worth it - folks fold much more than they would if they knew the hands I had. Because of my big stack, it was easy to do this as losing T300 out of T6000 was no big deal, but to a blind that had to call T200 when facing the chip leader and only having T1000 with a hand like KT just is not attractive.

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