Saturday, February 18, 2006

SNG #7

Feb 18 2006
$20 + $2
No Limit Sit-N-Go

Place: 4 out of 10
Came in 4th again. I had about T1800 left in the BB. The button was a loose player with T6000. The other two guys were tighter and more reasonable. They had about T3600 each. Those two guys seemed to been playing fairly tight, waiting to get in-the-money. In a situation like that, I felt if I didn't make some moves (at the right spots of course) and increase my stack a bit, I would basically be flipping coins with those two to get in-the-money...and I was at a disadvantage having only half the chips they had. If the loose player had fewer chips, then it would be a different story, since he would have been more likely to play and not worry about getting in-the-money.

Anyway, there came a hand where I thought I had a good spot to steal some money and increase my stack. The loose player was on the button and he just called. He had done this several times with hands that ranged from middling pairs (TT, 99) to complete crap (Q6s) to Ace-high hands (A5o). The blind was T300.

The small blind called. Making the pot T900.

With T1500 left, I felt this was a good spot to increase my stack to T2400. I knew the SB wouldn't call, otherwise he would have raised instead of called (unless he was slowplaying AA, but with any other worthwhile hand, he's definitely raising I think).

Unfortunately for me, the loose player on the button called.

I had K8s. He had A8o.

I lost.

But was it worth it? I still think so. I thought the chances of me winning the pot uncontested was very high, even given this players loosey type of play. T1500 still is a lot to him. Maybe I'm wrong though, maybe some players aren't as rationale as this. With more experience playing against players like him, I'll be able to get a better pulse.

Other questions I'll need to answer at some point:
- How much value is there to go from T1500 to T2400 when there are 4 players?
- What are the chances he is willing to call with a Ax type of hand for my all-in bet to be correct?

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