Thursday, June 07, 2007

College Football preview magazines

Phil Steele's College Football Preview magazine is now available. This is the one college football magazine I get every year. It is as described on the cover: "Jampacked with information". I'm not that enamored with his prediction power (and I don't subscribe to his service), but the detailed information on so many players is a great reference tool, especially the ones that haven't played much before the 2007 season. I pay particular attention any time his opinions differs from the norm. In those cases, I read carefully to see what his reasonings are (and he usually discusses those clearly).

One thing to keep in mind about all preseason magazines is when they are written. Since it is already out in early June, it was likely written in February through April. That means some developments between April and August won't be in the magazines.

If you only buy one college football preseason magazine, you should get Phil Steele's.