Thursday, March 01, 2007

Bears: Can't win no matter what they do

The Bears got flak from fans, the media and everyone else for not signing Lovie Smith. Smith dserved to be a well-paid coach, he's done a great job with the Bears. Not just in 2006, but remember, in 2005, the Bears were the 2 seed in the NFC. They did lose in their first playoff game last year, but the 2 seed is still something to be proud of.

Now the Bears have signed Smith to a 4 year $22 million extension. That's a very nice contract! Yet the Bears still are getting flak for not doing it sooner and signing Smith only due to the fan and media pressure. That's just not fair. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

In the end, they did the right thing. They kept the head coach and paid him accordingly. That's all that really matters for the 2007 season and beyond for the team. This is yet another case where the media stuck its nose into an issue that it has little business in. They just won't give credit to the Bears for doing the right thing. Give the Bears management some credit, and move on. Start focusing on the draft or something. Or focus on the Cubs and White Sox. Football season is a long way away.

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