Sunday, February 18, 2007

First time back in a card room in a long time

A couple of days ago, I went down to Foxwoods to play some poker. It was the first time in 9+ months that I played any poker, let alone poker in a brick & mortar card room. The only thing that was different was no signs of smoke anywhere! That was a big plus. But everything remained pretty much the same. Players complaining, and complaining, and complaining.

They complained about:

the dealers talking too much
the dealers taking too much initiative in taking time (rake) from players
floorman/woman being too slow
other players walking around
too few players - one guy wouldn't play with 3 players, another guy wouldn't play with 4. so we waited :(
bad cards
bad beats
in stud - being the bring-in in two consecutive hands (ugh)
waitresses not around
watiresses not being quick enough
other players talking too much
loudspeaker was too loud
woman on loudspeaker calling player names was too annoying
restroom being too far away
cashier at the cage being too slow
cashier at the cage coughing into the chips
other players on cell phones
other players' cell phones ringing

It was non-stop....just like it always was. Not much has changed. Although I did notice one other difference, which I won't comment on being good or bad: in the 4 hours of 75/150 stud that I played, no one during that whole time tipped the dealer. No one.

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