Monday, July 10, 2006

Reporters put too much emphasis on how players treat them

Sports reporters generally put too much emphasis on how a player treats them, and I believe, they use that emotional quality in evaluating the player's skills and in MVP votings and HOF votings.

Two historic examples that I won't get into further detail:
Ted Williams & Jim Rice

One current example:
David Wright is one of the best players now. He's not just one of the best young players, but he is one of the best now! That's great for the Mets. He may in fact be a MVP candidate, although a weak one IMO because he plays in the NL. I have nothing against Wright. With that said, I think he gets too much props from the media because he is nice to them. What does being nice to the media have anything to do with his abilities, skills and numbers on the field. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The reason I wrote this is I just heard Buster Olney pine over Wright because Wright called Olney to tell him about a nice article he wrote. WHO THE HELL CARES. Olney is a fine reporter and a fine writer. Olney was on the Mike & Mike ESPN morning show and was there to discuss Wright as a ballplayer and his MVP chances. The first story he tells is the phone call story. Not about how a great clutch hitter Wright is. Not about his great fielding. Not about his maturation as a hitter as only a 23 year old. Nope...the first thing on Olney's mind was how nice Wright was to him. From here on out, Olney will be biased towards Wright. If he has a vote, and it is a close call, no doubt Olney will favor Wright beause of Wright's personality. And that isn't right.

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