Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Random Sports Thoughts

Some random thoughts on sports.

Keith Olbermann is so much more informed about baseball than Dan Patrick is. If I was Dan Patrick, I would not have KO on my show. Every time these two guys talk baseball, it shows what a dolt Patrick is when it comes to baseball. That includes history, statistics, strategy, everything.

Sports reporters should not comment on other reporters. The protection the reporters are giving the two guys who wrote the book about Bonds is silly and stupid. What else are reporters going to say? Few ever criticize their own...and reporters certainly won't criticize their own. So just quiet down and keep your personal opinion to yourself...because we all know it is biased.

Larry Brown is a joke.
Isiah Thomas is a joke.
The New York Knicks are a joke.
What a horrible combination of players, head coach and GM. None of them deserve to be working for a professional sports team.

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