Sunday, February 12, 2006

NFL Matchup - a great show, but biased on their Super Bowl review

NFL Matchup on ESPN is one of my favorite shows. Jaworksi and Hoge do a great job in showing game-tape and decision-making that very few people get to see. I wish they would do more - instead of a half hour show a week, it should be expanded to a half hour show for EVERY I'm asking for 16 different shows a week from them! That's how great the program is.

But....their Super Bowl review program was disappointing. They went through every positive Pittsburgh play (it seemed) and never mentioned a positive play by the Seahawks until minute 27 of the 30 minute show. And even after that lone minute, it was followed by 3 minutes of criticism by Hoge on Hasselbeck.

The fact is this: the game was CLOSE. There were mistakes made by both teams, and there were good plays made by both teams. This wasn't a 25 point game that got cut into a 11 point game by two meaningless late TDs. This was a 4 point game that could have seen the Seahawks take the lead late in the 4th Quarter! Yet, when the show goes and shows 27 minutes of positive Steelers plays, it makes it seem like it was a complete blow-out.

I understand it is useful to focus on the winning team (even if they did benefit by all those bad-ref calls). And I understand Hoge and Jaworski both like to play favorites as they played for the Steelers and the Eagles, respectively. And I understand the viewers who want to revisit the game are more likely to be pro-Steeler viewers than pro-Seahawks viewers, as fans of losing teams generally don't want to relive the moments of a losing game, but fans of winning teams are happy to. But I'm still disappointed by the show.

With that said, I'm very much looking forward to the show for 2006, and I really hope they expand it. It's the best show on TV.

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