Saturday, February 11, 2006

more thoughts about SNG #1

More thoughts on SNG #1 that I played this morning:

- I would not have gone all-in if this wasn't a one-table SNG. I think there is more of a gambling and all-in mentality in SNGs, especially low entry fee ones - comapred to full-sized tourneys. So if this was say a $1,000 buy-in tournament, with each player having 10,000 in chips, there's no way I'd go all in. Because the all-in amount (10K in chips) compared to what was on the table (less than $500) doesn't feel it will be worth it for the other guy to call with a worse pair or with two overcards. Likely I'll get QQ to fold...and maybe even KK to fold, but that doesn't win me much if AA is the only hand that is going to call, and thus put me at a 80% to 20% negative position.

- I also probably would not have gone all-in like that later in the tourney if I had decent chip-sized position. But again, I feel early in these SNGs, the other players are much more likely to be willing to gamble it up. Maybe I'm wrong about that - it will take more experience to get a better feel for it.

So, that's just a couple of added thoughts about the two-handed SNG I played (folded K5o in my first hand)

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