Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Jim Beattie as the Cincinnati Reds GM


"The Cincinnati Reds are likely to name Jim Beattie as their new general manager this week, the Dayton Daily News reported Wednesday."

These retread hirings are typical of a poorly run organization like the Cincinnati Reds. They just hire/fire these type of guys who have never proven themselves to either succeed or to stand out in some way. The retreads all have one thing in common: they don't buck the system. They aren't controversial, but they are just "another guy" and won't make a difference.

Hirings like Shapiro with the Indians, Riccardi with the Blue Jays, and Epstein with the Red Sox show that those organizations at least have an idea of not going through the same retreads and taking a chance that something good or great can happen. Depodesta with the Dodgers is another example - but that didn't work out mainly due to the unrelenting venemous attacks of the L.A. media. That was a sad episode. In the Dodgers defense, they had to fire Depodesta sooner or later because they were getting so much bad press, and in a town where the Angels are slowly taking over market share, it would be horrible business to let that keep on rolling. Ned Colleti is a good hire - at least the Dodgers didn't hire a retread who hasn't proven he can do anything excpet get a job.

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