Thursday, January 19, 2006

Serious bettors

Most serious bettors....

don't go to football games on Saturdays or Sundays
don't care about paying for drinks at sportsbooks
don't even order drinks at sportsbooks
don't even sit down long enough at sportsbooks to get thirsty
don't hang out at one casino during halftime

Bettors are not necessarily handicappers. Bettors make their money by putting their money into play at slight edgeds. They are looking for lines that may be off. It could be off depending on other markets or against their own evaluation, but the important thing for serious bettors is that they are looking and searching for different lines. Any time someone watches a game at a sportsbook, or goes to a football game on a busy Saturday or Sunday, it means they aren't actively betting or watching lines. And that probably means they ain't all that serious about it.

Why did I post this? Because lately I've been reading some posts on forums from guys who claim they know what they are doing and understand sports betting. However they give themselves away and what they actually know when they say stuff like: "I don't like that sportsbook, they don't give out drink tickets" or "that casino is a great place to hang out during halftimes, you can always get your bets in quickly" or "this casino has a nicest plushiest seats, I watch games there all the time".

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