Friday, July 08, 2005

Shorthanded: A bluff call on a Flop with two Aces

Party Poker 30/60 Hold'em (6 handed)

Preflop: Yao is BB with 9s, Qc.
3 folds, Button raises, 1 fold, Yao calls.

The button has been stealing (or attempting to steal) alot. I think he could have anything from 22 thru AA, AK through A2, 72s or 75o.

Flop: (4.50 SB) Ah, Ad, 3h (2 players)
Yao checks, Button bets, Yao calls.

I called with absolutely nothing. Why? Because that's exactly what a player with an Ace would do in my position. Its not that likely that he has an Ace given the wide range of hands I thought he would raise with on the button. I plan on check-raising the Turn (but folding if he re-raises) or betting on the River if he checks the Turn. This is player dependent. Against some others, maybe I would have planned to check-fold the Turn and only bet on the River if he checked the Turn. Against others I'd fold on the Flop.

Turn: (3.25 BB) Ts (2 players)
Yao checks, Button checks.

OK, he doesn't have an Ace. I just hope he didn't hit a pair or had a pocket pair to begin with. I'm going to bet no matter what comes on the River.

River: (3.25 BB) 6c (2 players)
Yao bets, Button folds.

My plan worked. Its possible I even had the best hand.

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