Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I don't know how people put in so many hours and so many hands playing online. I guess they don't have a problem with sitting in front of the monitor for hours at a time. I constantly have to get up due to eye strain, back-aches, butt fatigue, etc. So it will take me a while before I get to my 50K hand goal. On June 28, I listed my stats with 17,347 hands. Two weeks later, I've only added about 4,000 hands, to a total of 21,276. At this rate, I won't get to 50K hands until November, and with the football season coming up, I expect I'll have even less time to play. So it may not be until 2006 before I get to my goal of 50K hands.

Updated stats. Limit A is the highest limit that I play, Limit C is the lowest. After the 50K hands, I'll reveal the limits and handles.

A. 6,950 hands +2.24/100
B. 3,924 hands +1.63/100
C. 10,402 hands +3.89/100

Total 21,276 hands +2.93/100

The last 4,000 hands has been fairly stable. My net BB/100 was +3.04 at 17,347, so its down a little bit, but by an insignificant amount.

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