Sunday, May 15, 2005

A Shorthanded Hand: Mistake on the Turn

6-handed 15/30 game

I am on the button with Jh Th

UTG limps in, I limp, small blind calls, big blind checks.The one read I have is that UTG is a passive/loose player. Not by a lot (at least not by my estimates at the time), but still on the too passive, too loose side of the equation.
We see the Flop 4-handed for 4 small bets.

Flop: is 9c 4s 8c

I have an open-ended straight draw, and there are two clubs on the Flop.
UTG bets. I raised. Both blinds fold. UTG calls.
Right there, my first thought should be that UTG has something. He probably isn't leading with a flush or straight draw, he's got a pair, and probably top pair. Raising for a free card may be good, but its what I do on the Turn that makes the difference.

Turn: 8h

UTG checks...and I bet, UTG calls.
Ugh, bad decision. I did know that UTG was passive/loose. I should have reasoned out he had a pair, and that he'd call. My bet was a terrible bet, I'm an underdog to win the pot, and he's a huge favorite to call. A horrible decision to bet. The raise on the Flop was fine, but I should have taken the free card on the Turn instead of semi-bluffing on the Turn. Against some players, this may be good...some will fold hands like A4 or QJ, but in order for this passive player to lead into the pot on the Flop, he's likely to have top pair, and he's so loose, he's unlikely to fold. I'm still kicking myself for this simple mistake.

River: 4d

He the only thing I can do is pray he was actually on a flush or straight draw, and fold a better hand than my crappy J-high hand. I'm not even sure the pot odds were there - it was about he greater than 14% to fold? Thinking back, its close. Probably a slight loser to bet, but not nearly as big of a mistake as the bet on the Turn.

He called, he turned over J9 (top pair)...I lose and then immediately wrote this in my blog to teach myself a lesson, a lesson that I had already learned many times before. I'm sure I'll make these types of mistakes again in the future - its tough not to make mistakes ... but I need to minimize the times it occurs. We all do.

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