Monday, May 16, 2005

Review: Winning 7-Card Stud by Ashley Adams

Winning 7-Card Stud is a good book for players up to the 10-20 limit. Adams gives advice on how to play a tight and aggressive game. If his advice is followed, the player is likely to at least hold his own against the average talent at the 5-10 and 10-20 level. Chapter 2: Winning Basic Strategy gives a rundown on how to play a tight game that one should play against typical players. It describes the type of starting hands you want to play, and how to play them. It also describes each of the ensuing streets, and how one should proceed. Chapter 5: Expanding Your Repertoire explains more advanced techniques, ideas and moves a player can use once the player has the basic strategy down. Overall, this is a solid book for someone new to the game and any player that plays too loose. I recommend it as one's first 7-Card Stud book.

On deck:
Poker: Super System 2: Chapter 7 by Jennifer Harman. I'm only going to review that chapter of the book, not the entire book.
Sports: The Book on the Book byBill Felber (a baseball book about the math on baseball strategies. The book seemed more interesting, so I am leaping this one to the top of my reading list).

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