Tuesday, April 01, 2008

some random thoughts

There's been lots of complaining by so-called sharp players that things aren't going there way. Lots of soul-searching about what to do differently and why they aren't winning. I say "so-called" because probably not all the guys complaining are as sharp as they think they are. I do agree that this is a topic that should be explored in-depth. Are line makers sharper than they were in the past? I think so. Is the public sharper than they were in the past - or at least less square? I think so too. Are there more sharps now than before? Probably. Those all add up to make a tougher, more efficient marketplace.

Yesterday was 30 degrees where I live. Today it is 55. Although there was a little rain, the wind was that familiar spring wind that is so inviting in the Northeast - as opposed to the biting, ship winter wind. And baseball is back! My favorite sport from a fan's perspective, but not from a betting perspective.

I'm surprised there are no day baseball games today. They usually have some early in the year. I haven't checked the schedule, but I hope more teams have games during the day.