Monday, April 14, 2008

NFL schedule

Apparently the NFL will release their schedule tomorrow at 2PM, and ESPN is doing a special on it. The teams that each team plays has been known since the end of the regular season since the NFL has a formula.

Basically each team plays the other three teams in their division twice (that's 6 games), each of the teams that finished in the same place as them in the other three divisions in the same conference (that's 3 games), one particular division in the other conference on a rotatin basis (4 games) and one particular division in their conference not counting the team that they already play that finished in the same place as them (3 games).

The schedule that the NFL will release simply shows the day, time and TV schedule for each game. So what's the big deal? Does it really matter? Maybe it matters it a little bit. MIA, TB and JAX may have a small edge playing September home games in humid Florida, GB, CHI and PIT may have a small edge playing December home games in the cold. But those edges are pretty small in my opinion, and often the home/away schedule is spread out fairly evenly. For example, it would be surprising to see any team play at home or away for three straight games.

The schedule that comes out tomorrow should not be a big deal. However, it may prompt some sportsbooks to release regular season wins, lines for the first week and "games of the year". Now that would be a big deal to me!