Thursday, August 16, 2007

KC Season Win Total

In a post I made on August 9, I posted that I took KC Over 7.5 wins at even money. I don't like the bet much anymore. That's because Fezzik, a handicapper I respect, announced through Jon's conference call that he liked the Under. He didn't state why he liked the under, but obviously one has to take his opinion into account. If I had known he liked Under 7.5 before I made the bet, I would have re-evaluated and possibly not bet the Over (although I would probably not take the Under as it would take too big of an adjustment for me to like the Under even given Fez's opinion). That's how strongly I value his opinion.

Interestingly, last year Fezzik and I also had different opinions on KC. He took KC Under 9 and I took Over 9. I got lucky as KC won their last two games for a total of 9 and we both pushed on the bet. There won't be any pushes this year.