Friday, September 22, 2006

Baseball division races: AL Central and NL West

When looking at the AL Central and NL West division, it is importan to consider the possibility of a tie. If two teams are tied for both the Division and the Wildcard, then the team that won the season series will be considered the Division Champ, while the other team is considered the Wildcard. If a third team is the Wildcard winner, then the two tied teams will have a playoff to deteremine the lone team to go to the playoffs.

This is most important for the AL Central between the Detroit Tigers and the Minnesota Twins where the loser of the division is almost definitely going to win the Wild Card. Thus if DET and MIN tie for the Central, then the winner of the season series between those two teams will win the Central and the loser will get the Wild Card and play the Yankees in round 1. DET won the season series. So they have a leg-up on MIN.

In the NL West, this may occur too. If SD and LA are tied, and they are both higher than the other wild card teams, then SD will win the division due to their winning of the season series. However, if another team has a better record than SD/LA when they are tied, then the other team wins the WC and SD & LA has to play a one game playoff game to determine who wins the division.

If there is a three-way tie...then I'm not sure what happens. I think the two teams from the same division have to play each other, and the loser goes home. The third team from another division would win the WC. But I'm not sure about that. If you know for sure, please email me at and I'll update this blog.

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