Tuesday, August 29, 2006

One comment on the Terrell Owens situation

I've never heard a football player refer to their head coach on a first name basis. They always refer to the coaches as "coach". That starts from Pop Warner football, and continues through to the NFL, even during the speeches of the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions.

The snipshots they've been showing of Terrell Owens talking about the situation shows him referring to Parcells as Bill at least three times. That tells me the following:

- Terrell Owens thinks he is special.
- Terrell Owens has no respect for his coaches
- Terrell Owens is a problem for his football team

From a betting standpoint, it is somewhat difficult to figure out what the impact of this behavior will be. If Owens does play, his talents no doubt will be greater than that of Keyshawn Johnson who he is replacing. If he doesn't play, I don't think the Cowboys are hurt that much compared to their roster from last year. So it will look like a positive when he plays because the Cowboys are greatly improved on offense. However, that's not really the point. The point is that if Owens was a better teammate, the Cowboys would be tremendously better. But since he is not - and could actually hurt the team by his antics - there is volatility in the air.

How could he hurt the team by his antics? By swaying other teammates to his side and have the same attitude as him. That would be a problem for Parcells and the coaches. He doesn't seem to have enough time with his teammates to cause that problem in Dallas. He did have that time in Philadelphia as the clubhouse was split between backing McNabb/Reid and Owens.

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