Thursday, June 08, 2006

A good day for Barry Bonds

Assuming the Grimsley issue has nothing to do with Barry Bonds (and that's not a safe assumption), this is a good thing for Barry Bonds. If a lot of other quality players are found out to be using human growth hormone, then why is all the focus on Barry Bonds? So he is just one of 500 other players instead of the only person using steroids like the media seems to be accusing him of.

Also, it is being reported that the fed was trying to get Grimsley to wear a wire to get words on other players on Bonds. What! That just seems like a big witch hunt, completely un-American.

Let's get off Bonds. Leave him alone. He's going to go away anyway and likely will retire at the end of the year. Just look at his health and knees - he can barely walk let alone play the outfield or trot to first base. He is one of many, not the only guy using this stuff.

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