Monday, February 20, 2006

SNG #8

SNG #8
Feb 20 2006
$20 + $2
No Limit Sit-N-Go

Place: 1 out of 10
Won this one without any great hands, just some decent hands but a lot of small blind steals. They allowed me to steal too much with minimum sized raises near the end of the SNG. So I was able to pick up blinds after blinds (and when raised, I'd fold mostly) and increase my stack so that when I stole blinds in the future, I was even more dangerous. So they played too tight in this aspect.

But also, they played too loose in certain spots. Mistakes seem to go both ways by many players. Too loose by some, too tight by others. It's important to figure out who makes which mistakes and then play them accordingly.

With the new toy of the SNG EV Anlyzer (, I'm going to go through the past SNGs to see if my guesses were close to this theoretical model.

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