Sunday, December 25, 2005

Looking back at the NFL season

Here's a recap of some of the picks/comments I made this year in the NFL.

Back on August 16, I posted 4 Season Win Over/Under bets. You can see it in the August archvies.

I picked:
IND Under 11.5 -105
BAL Under 10 -120
PIT Under 10 -140
ATL Under 9.5 -125

BAL and ATL are winners. IND is a loser.
There is a chance that PIT will be a push if they lose to DET in the last game of the year, but that will be very unlikely. The money line in that game will probably reflect around a 93% chance that PIT will win that game. So overall, the record is 2-2, but since I paid vig on all four picks, overall the wagers lost money.

On September 29, I made a post recommending taking TB at even money to win the NFC South. They had an up and down year, at one point a few weeks ago, their chances looked horrible. But with CAR and ATL going in the tank, and TB winning lately, they now have the upper hand. If they beat the New Orleans Saints at home (they'll likely be double digit favorites), they are the winners.

I didn't post much as far as making picks or recommendations, but wanted to recap for the record.

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