Friday, October 14, 2005

Sports: upcoming topics

I have been fairly lazy lately in posting to my blog. To motivate myself, I've decided to list a few topics that I will cover before the year is over. Hopefully I have enough energy to get to these topics soon.

1. Parlays: How to beat Parlay Cards in Vegas
2. Parlays: What's the toughest part of betting correlated parlays?
3. Futures: What to think about when playing futures in the NFL
4. Futures: Playing the favorites in most type of bets is negative EV, but not always in Futures.
5. Teasers: distributions of scores based on the level of the total
6. Teasers: Looking at teaser records in a more focused way
7. Cover: Does one need to use cover (making zero or negative EV bets to confuse the book about your true abilities) when betting sports?
8. Cover: What type of zero EV bets are best for cover?

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