Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I have heard and read poker players and sports bettors whine when they think they have been dealt a bad beat. They complain about how unlucky they are to the extent that it seems they think they only lose when they get the worst beat in the world. If you have been around gambling long enough, be it at the poker room or the sports book in Las Vegas, you have probably heard more stories than you want to hear. But here's the truth about these whiners: they are losers! There are two reasons for loses: bad luck or bad play. If it is bad luck, that can and will happen to anyone. No one can change that, it is completely out of anyone's control. If it is bad play, then the player/bettor can change that for the future by trying to learn from their losses. And that is the problem the whiners have. The whiners think they only lose due to bad luck, so they don't think about what happened. When it is due to bad play, they never give themselves the chance to correct it.

So don't be a whiner. Try not to complain about your losses. Try to think about what happened and try to change if you see bad play. The reason I decided to write this is due to a recent experience I had with a whiner. I know this: he'll never amount to much of a gambler until he changes his attitude.

note: www.redcross.org is a great site to help the people devastated by Hurricane Katrina.

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