Thursday, July 21, 2005

Taking notes is useful for the future and the current session

Taking notes on other players is not only useful for the future but for the current session also. Taking notes means you are forced to think about how the other players play, and thus that should help you in playing against them in the current session.

Here are some notes I took in my latest session.

played heads-up for a bit - seemed a bit
tight for heads-up and predictable

pre-Flop: not sure, a bit suspect, played a
couple of hands oddly (badly), but seems
to be decent and straightforward most of the

doesn't play the small blind correctly, cold
calls raises too often

not a good player, but plays so much differently
than other bad players.
loves to bet on the Flop regardless of what
happened pre-Flop

he seems to like to play bigger pots and once
he's in, just tries to win the pot.

likes to bet his pairs.

probably a bad player. played 50/100 4-handed
buy-in only $1000, why bother playing?

seems ok, maybe a bit on the tight side, but
too early to tell, maybe just prudent

definitely not crazy wild player, even in 3-handed

seems like a decent player
although it is possible he 3-bets with too little
be a bit careful semi-bluffing, because he may
re-semi-bluff back...and thus forcing a bad fold
so when you semi-bluff, be more prepared to call
him down (thiis means you may need a pair).
probably a bad player
but too early to tell, only played 1 hand

his first hand, he posted in the cutoff in a 6
player game.
seems kinda tight.
played a short session with him, he wasn't involved
in any hands that I remember.

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