Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A Shorthanded Hand: Raise pre-Flop, check on Flop, fold on Turn

This simple hand was in a 15-30 online game with 6 players. I did not have a special read on any of the players, but did not think especially high about any of them - typical online mediocre players.

I was UTG with 99. I raised. The button cold-called my raise. Both blinds called as well.

Flop: Td - Ac - 4d
With two overcards and three other players, I was not happy. When it was checked to me, I could choose to be bull headed and try to push everyone off the pot. I could have bet and taken 8:1 odds to try to win the pot right there, but if I checked, I thought it was likely it would get checked to me on the Turn again (assuming the button didn't bet on the Flop) if indeed no one had a T or A.

Turn: Qh
Now its even worse. Three overcards. The small blind bet, the big blind folded. I folded too. It was a good starting hand, but with those overcards, it was muck city.

This is one of the rare situations when it is correct to give up on the Flop after you've raised pre-Flop. I had a middle pair pre-Flop, but once three players called and there were two overcards on the board, it was time to give up. Note that a player could have a callable with two non-pairing high cards, since it would give him a straight draw, so its a tough time to get two overcards to fold. They may be calling thinking they have 4 outs for the gutshot, but instead they have 10 outs with the two overcards.

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