Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Books on sports betting

I've received a few emails asking me if I recommend any books on sports betting. I've decided to post my response here, this way I can always come to the blog and copy/paste my answer in reply to the emails.

There are not many good books on sports betting. The ones I would suggest are:

Sharp Sports Betting by Stanford Wong
Win More, Lose Less by Don Peszynski

Please note that Stanford is my publisher for Weighing the Odds in Hold'em Poker and Don is a good friend of mine, so my opinion may be biased.

Neither of these books are about "how to handicap a game". Rather, they give you tools that you will need on betting games. Someday I'll write a full review on them when I get a chance to look them over again.

Aside from reading these two books, I'd read as much as I can about sabremetrics (in baseball) and other similiar analysis like that in other sports. John Hollinger used to put out an annual - I think it was called Pro Basketball Forecast, I don't know if he does anymore. Pro Football Prospectus is ok too - it isn't as good as the baseball sabremetrics stuff (like Baseball Prospectus), but its better than anything else I've seen. None of those books are geared towards gambling, but they are intelligent ways to look at those sports which can come in useful.

You should also read and follow as much of the sports betting forums as you can. Post questions and try to learn from the responses. There are alot of guys who will b.s., so you need to try to see who are the quality posters. Then read everything you can that a quality poster posts. Those sites are, and

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